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Event report: Brand and Deliver with Kathy Ennis

ARLG NW offered two free student places to our Autumn/Winter event, Brand and Deliver with Kathy Ennis. Lucía Meijueiro is a library and information management student at Manchester Metropolitan University and kindly wrote this blog post for us with her thoughts on the afternoon. Thanks to Lucía, and to Kathy for such an interesting workshop.

Last November, I attended the event ‘Brand and Deliver with Kathy Ennis’ organised by the ARLG NW in the newly refurbished Manchester Central Library.

Kathy Ennis, a mentor, trainer and personal branding consultant with a background in library and information services, led this workshop. She provided an enjoyable and informative workshop where we learnt about brands, with a special focus on personal brands and their relevance for service provision and potential career development.

Theory and practice

Basic concepts and key ideas on brand theory and its importance in a professional context were presented and highlighted through the afternoon. The workshop worked really well thanks to interactive group tasks that helped to reflect on what pictures and personal image can tell as a first impression, what you can say of a brand just by looking at a logo or a shopping bag and the overall relevance of brands and logos for service recognition in a time when ‘visual literacy’ is becoming increasingly important.

Brands and its importance

Defining brand as ‘a collection of thoughts and feelings that customers have about a particular product or service’ goes further than just a logo and shows the importance of recognition of a service by the customer, of what they can expect and what they feel about it.

A brand is key to communicating with customers and to have a good one you have to reflect on what you really want to get users to identify with you and your service.

The 4 Vs Principle

Values, visuals, vocals and verbals are the four Vs in this principle. Following these Vs contributes to focus your message, your intended audience and to create a successful brand that communicates what you intend and defines your identity and services accurately. Consistency plays a key role to keep all the different components of your personal brand together.

I would like to thank the ARLG NW for the sponsored student free place and the opportunity to attend this interesting and useful event.


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